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Welcome to the Veganthused site, the home of MC Pony and her special brand of novelty hip hop with a social conscience. MC Pony has performed in several Australian states and territories, and also in Hawaii.  Her first official single, "Happy Veganniversary" was released in August 2015 - it is a celebratory song for vegans to mark the anniversary of the date they went vegan:

The woman behind the ponytailed-character is Elizabeth Usher, who (as ‘herself’) has done poetry readings and presentations in Australia, the US and the UK. She has big plans for 2016 (and beyond!), including starting to blog more than sporadically someday soon… Meanwhile, she’s busy writing more songs and working on some sweet new Veganthusiastic videos. Here’s another one she prepared earlier:


MC Pony performing “Pony in da House” at the 2013 Cruelty Free Festival.


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