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Ah, milk, how do I drink thee? Let me count the ways...
Jan 24 2014


Ah, milk, how do I drink thee? Let me count the ways.
I drink thee from the nut, legume and seed
And even grain. But I no longer feel the need
To steal from a cow, when her calf is the one who pays.


Today I bring you the final in the “Cheesy Moves” video series – so I figured I might as well throw in some cheesy verse to match my over-acting and poor dancing.

I’m the first to admit that while I may share first names with Elizabeth Barrett Browning, who penned the Sonnet 43 “How Do I Love Thee?”, I sadly do not share her skill with the sonnet form. Hence I’m stopping at 4 lines and probably the best label for these lines is mere doggerel.

Regardless, here is your chance to watch the Robot undergo an intervention when about to drink cow secretions. The Cow points out the wide range of plant-based milks on offer instead!

As per the last video, thanks are due to:

* Carolyn - appearing in her Robot costume as Rap Attack and also editing the whole series

* my brother for filming

* Jess from the Cruelty Free Shop for her all-round vegan awesomeness!  (& I'd be saying that even if she weren't also my boss!)


Penultimate Cheesy Moves video - vegan cheeses!
Jan 23 2014

Are you convinced it’s worth giving plant-based cheese a go, but wondering where to start? In the fourth instalment of this Cheesy Moves series, the cow rouses the robot in order to show her a great source of some of the commercially available vegan cheeses… the Cruelty Free Shop!


Mourning Cow Soundtrack gets me dancing every time!
Jan 22 2014

Today I unveil my ridiculously embarrassing dance ‘skills’to the world.  As well as some super-cheesy over-acting!


All in the name of drawing attention to the plight of dairy cows and bobby calves.

Because, in my eyes, a little humiliation is nothing compared to losing your newborn child or being taken from your mother.


Cheesy Moves - Don't dance around the truth!
Jan 21 2014

Today we unveil video number 2 in a series of 5 ‘Cheesy Moves’ clips. Yesterday’s post explains the reasons behind the whole series, so head over to that one if you want some additional background info. Otherwise, point your eyeballs towards this…


Launching the Cheesy Moves video series
Jan 20 2014

Late last year I was getting somewhat bombarded with Devondale Dairy ads in my Facebook feed.  This is the first in a series of five "Cheesy Moves" video responses.


2014 dawns with MC Pony in da House!
Jan 01 2014

Happy New Year! Let's start with a little bit of fun... here is the first ever MC Pony music video – the live performance of “Pony in da House” at Sydney's 2013 Cruelty Free Festival. After several years of having to say “sorry, there's nothing up online yet” when people ask about MC Pony's music, I can finally change my reply to “check this out!” :)

Cherry Strudel - another video starring Leigh Drew!
Jun 30 2013

Cherry_Strudel_-_Leigh_pictureCherry Strudel from Wrapped in Pastry by Leigh Drew - photo courtesy of Leigh DrewAs detailed in my last post, a Sunday in June 15 years ago marked my first day being vegan. So it’s only fitting that today, the final Sunday of June 2013, I post up the third and final (for now at least!) Veganthused video starring Leigh Drew and her marvellous vegan creations.


Mad Hatter Cupcakery & my 15th Veganniversary!
Jun 23 2013

Mad_Hatter_Jess_and_cupcakesMeet Jess van der Walt, the talented baker behind the all-vegan Mad Hatter Cupcakery

Plus, this is my 15th Veganniversary month, so there's some bonus vegan High Tea celebration food shots too...

Leigh Drew returns, with a multi-tasking flavour combo!
Feb 28 2013


As promised, the talented Leigh Drew has joined the Veganthused program for a second time, bringing a tasty trio of dishes based around the one delicious flavour combination.


And so it is February...
Feb 01 2013

I can't possibly be the only one who's astounded that it's February already.  Today's post really just explains the delay (yes, again!) in putting anything up on this site.  You're actually better off checking out the post from World Vegan Day, last November, featuring Leigh Drew's Chocolate Melting Moments.  But, if you truly want to find out what caused the hiatus, by all means click on "Read more".  Just don't say I wasn't honest with you!


Celebrate World Vegan Day with Chocolate Melting Moments!
Nov 01 2012

Vegan_Indulgence_by_Leigh_DrewHappy World Vegan Day! Really, though, any day would be made happy with these delicious treats: Chocolate Melting Moments by Leigh Drew. And with an entertaining video showing how to make them, you're totally set for a vegan celebration – happy happy joy joy!


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