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Fiona Fox - in loving memory
May 27 2016

In loving memory of Fiona Fox
9th September 1965 – 24th May 2016

Fiona’s unending bravery and compassion led to her being awarded the 2014 Elsie Quinn Courage Award – a special honour presented by Animal Liberation NSW “for activists who go above and beyond”.

Donations in Fiona’s honour may be made to NSW Hen Rescue or A Poultry Place, two rescue organisations close to her heart.!donate/c1t1x - all donations over $2 are tax deductible. - see About > General information.

Fiona’s memory will live on and continue to inspire all who knew her, or knew of her.

All proceeds from ticket sales for MC Pony's “Vegan for Life” single launch party on 1st June 2016 will be donated as a tribute to her incredible life.

Vegan for Life, by MC Pony featuring Leafy Greens.


This Muddy Swine
Feb 13 2015

Just in time for Valentine's Day - meet the pig who captured my heart!  <3thumb_Henry


Ah, milk, how do I drink thee? Let me count the ways...
Jan 24 2014

Today I bring you the final in the “Cheesy Moves” video series – so I figured I might as well throw in some cheesy verse to match my over-acting and poor dancing.

Penultimate Cheesy Moves video - vegan cheeses!
Jan 23 2014

Are you convinced it’s worth giving plant-based cheese a go, but wondering where to start? In the fourth instalment of this Cheesy Moves series, the cow rouses the robot in order to show her a great source of some of the commercially available vegan cheeses… the Cruelty Free Shop!


Mourning Cow Soundtrack gets me dancing every time!
Jan 22 2014

Today I unveil my ridiculously embarrassing dance ‘skills’to the world.  As well as some super-cheesy over-acting!


All in the name of drawing attention to the plight of dairy cows and bobby calves.

Because, in my eyes, a little humiliation is nothing compared to losing your newborn child or being taken from your mother.


Cheesy Moves - Don't dance around the truth!
Jan 21 2014

Today we unveil video number 2 in a series of 5 ‘Cheesy Moves’ clips. Yesterday’s post explains the reasons behind the whole series, so head over to that one if you want some additional background info. Otherwise, point your eyeballs towards this…


Launching the Cheesy Moves video series
Jan 20 2014

Late last year I was getting somewhat bombarded with Devondale Dairy ads in my Facebook feed.  This is the first in a series of five "Cheesy Moves" video responses.



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