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Footprints Film Festival to show two Veganthused videos
Aug 23 2017


I have several *magnificent* announcements to unveil over coming weeks about upcoming gigs and other events, and this first one is so exciting it made it very difficult for me to get to sleep last night... I found out just before bedtime that my two music videos "Born to Die" and "Mother and Child" will both be screened twice at the Footprints Film Festival this coming Sunday!

Be at Whites Creek Valley Park, Annandale (in Sydney's inner west) at either midday or 1.50pm to see these two pieces in the footprints ecofestival's bicycle-powered cinema! How awesome does that sound?!

Oh - and the festival is a free event too!

Thank you to everyone involved in these projects:

Editing by Kristin Lajeunesse, and James Lepre of Mane Collective
Co-writers James Donnelly, and Robert Pearce
Featured artists James and Naomi, and Tayberry
Co-producers James Donnelly, and Sven Tydeman
Artist Adrianna Mammino
Photographers Jo-Anne McArthur, and Tamara Kenneally Photography
Footage courtesy of Edgar's Mission, SAFE, Farmwatch, and Animal Liberation
Mastering by Kathy Naunton

And a second thank you to Kristin Lajeunesse for pulling the graphic above together with zero notice!!

The pages with further information about each music video are here:






Mother and Child - Dairy's inherent Despair
Apr 13 2017

Mother and Child is the new single for MC Pony.

Born to Die - a brand new single
Mar 10 2017

I am so excited to announce that there is another MC Pony release on the way.

"Born to Die" is an evocative 'first-person' account of a broiler chicken's sad existence. Co-written with fellow Sydney-sider Robert Pearce, and featuring Tayberry as guest vocal artist, we hope this track will help spread a greater awareness to the reality of 'broiler farming'.

The single will be released officially late next week but you can already give it a spin on YouTube or Facebook.


The Icing on my Cake
Feb 14 2017

Icing_on_my_Cake_thumbnailI wrote a love song over half a decade ago called “The Icing on my Cake”. It’s a sweet little ditty (pardon the pun!!) that doesn’t fit for MC Pony and also isn’t ‘commercial’ enough to use for pitching to other artists. But I still wanted to share it somehow, and with today being Valentine’s Day it seemed appropriate timing to release this particular track into the world.

Enormous thanks to Kristin Lajeunesse of Will Travel for Vegan Food for supplying so many shots of various delicious vegan desserts she has encountered in her travels + editing this all together! Thanks also to an anonymous friend for lending me her amazing vocals. :)



I Am Someone exhibition opening night
Nov 05 2016

I_Am_Someone_Gary_Sheppard_wall_shotCongratulations to Gary Sheppard, whose stunning photographic exhibition of residents from the Where Pigs Fly sanctuary aims "to challenge and reconstruct society’s perception of farm animals as sentient and emotional beings inspiring greater respect and compassion towards them.”  


The MAKER kitchen opening inspires a blog post!
Oct 22 2016

MAKER_orange_cakeWell, Winter has come and gone and even half of Spring has passed me by without another blog update here, but the grand opening event for the MAKER Kitchen takeaway coffee and treat bar has brought me out of hibernation!  Here's a bit of a mix of recent Veganthused! and MC Pony happenings, along with certified drool-worthy pics from the food delights available at today's opening.



Fiona Fox - in loving memory
May 27 2016

The Australian animal movement has this week lost a brave, compassionate, and inspiring activist.

Donations in Fiona Fox’s honour may be made to NSW Hen Rescue or A Poultry Place, two rescue organisations close to her heart.


MC Pony’s 18th Veganniversary celebration!
May 03 2016

Well, I will warn you right from the outset that this is going to be a super-long blog post, so apologies in advance for that – for what it’s worth, there’s a cute pic of dear Jackpot at the bottom as your reward for getting all the way down there!  But I’m just so excited and the reason is: as of next month, June 2016, I will officially be an 'adult vegan', so I’m throwing a special party & track release combo event and I'd love for you to come celebrate with me!


Happy Veganniversary - MC Pony's first official single!
Aug 30 2015

Happy_Veganniversary_release_promo_imageAre you vegan? This is a song for you to celebrate the anniversary of the date you went vegan! If you don't know the date, how about picking 1st November, World Vegan Day, and playing it for yourself then? This also gives you another great excuse to eat some vegan cake!

If you're not vegan, you probably still know someone who is, so why not send them the link ( to bring a smile to their face!


This Muddy Swine
Feb 13 2015

Just in time for Valentine's Day - meet the pig who captured my heart!  <3thumb_Henry


Lentil as Anything arrives in Sydney!
May 07 2014

Lentil as Anything Curry PlatterYes, the headline says it all – there’s now another item that can be crossed off the list of “things that could make Sydney vegans be jealous of Melbourne”! Tonight was the Opening Night of the Newtown-based Lentil as Anything, a ‘pay-as-you-feel’ enterprise that relies heavily on volunteers and the good side of human nature. This was definitely big enough news to break the almost 5-month drought on this blog!



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