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What would help YOU get Veganthusiastic?

A vegan ethic goes beyond just diet, but like a lot of vegans I started this journey by ceasing to eat non-human animals and their by-products - ie, moving to a plant-based, vegan diet. I love cooking, but even more than that I love looking through vegan cookbooks and getting inspired by the delicious recipes, particularly those accompanied by drool-inducing pictures! So part of this blog is naturally going to be about sharing vegan recipes. Still, there would be a host of other specific resources that could be of great benefit to you and your own vegan journey. What would you most like to see included in the 'resources' category here at Veganthused?

Or... what HAS helped you get Veganthusiastic?

Turning this on its head, what resources have you already found useful and are worth sharing with others? Whether it's education, inspiration, practical advice or handy tips, spread the pro-vegan word in a comment below!


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# Savannah 2011-12-02 17:17
Twitter has been a huge help to me. I "met" people who were vegan, vegan activists, activists & knowledgable. Thanks to their support I was able to ask questions & not feel stupid. The most important thing when you are going through life is to remember that there are no stupid questions!
Trial and error is another step. Don't give up when your recipes for gourmet style food doesn't work. Or when someone doesn't understand your ethics. Just keep going.
Have food from online stores or extra frozen so you have backup when your cooking fails, it happens to all of us.
Also know in your heart why you're going vegan. Not for those who ask, but for yourself. Health? Love animals? Religion? Ethical? For me, animals are my friends, my companions. I wish no harm to come to them.
Join groups & meet people if you can. It's great to be with like minded souls. We need to be with those who understand us.
Never be afraid of the changes.
# Elizabeth-Veganthused 2012-10-01 17:55
Lovely Savannah, I'm so lucky to have 'met' you through Twitter all those months ago! Belated thanks for sharing your compassionate wisdom. xo
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