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Plans Gone Awry; New Plans Ahoof!
Oct 29 2012

When gearing up for taking part in VeganMoFo, being a passenger in a car accident didn't quite figure into my plans. Near-daily blog posts aren't really compatible with back muscles that are in spasm and requiring minimal time in front of a computer. However, thanks to the fact that it was a relatively minor accident (lucky me!) and I was able to combine some good treatment (thanks especially to the magic hands of my physio!) with reducing my workload for a couple of weeks (I'm fortunate to have a very understanding boss!), I would say I achieved roughly a 95% recovery within a few weeks.  This is really good for me, as it was the fourth time I've been in a car that's been rear-ended, and past experiences with whiplash had me concerned that I might be on the sidelines again for much longer.  Happily, too, I was in form enough again by yesterday to take part in the 2012 Cruelty Free Festival - stay tuned for some future blog posts about this wonderful event, and also MC Pony's main stage appearance!

Vegan_Indulgence_by_Leigh_DrewVegan Indulgence by Leigh Drew 'Nuff said!All of which might lead one to enquire... so, since my VeganMofo intentions of 20 blog posts in October all collapsed in a heap, where will I be heading next with Veganthused?  (How kind of one to ask!)  Well, I've decided to consider the loose structure of roughly weekly posting, including at least one video post per month.  The video posts are the ones I'm really excited about sharing; these include sets of recipes starring some brilliant and entertaining friends who are seriously talented in the kitchen department.  (Naturally, they have other talents too, but hey, one angle at a time right!) 

And the big news is that the inaugural video recipe - featuring Leigh Drew and the totally drool-worth Chocolate Melting Moments that grace the cover of her first vegan cookbook, Vegan Indulgence - will be up this very week.  Get ready world, it's going to be awesome! 





 VeganMoFo2012MainLogoMy commitment to regular blogging as part of October's Vegan Month of Food was interrupted, but you can still check out the blogroll for extensive inspiration from hundreds of bloggers worldwide!

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Magic Chocolate (birthday) Cake!
Oct 07 2012

Magic_Choc_Cake_iced_cakeAfter a couple of months on a healthkick, my inherent sweet tooth was ready for some decadence, and my recent birthday seemed like a pretty good excuse to indulge it! On the day, my typical green smoothie breakfast was left aside in favour of chocolate cake batter. By midday, the cake & cupcakes were cooled down and ready for icing, so it didn’t take a great deal of imagination to decide to have chocolate icing for lunch. Needless to say, my sweet tooth was swooning. If only we were like dogs and could claim seven birthdays per year…


The Cruelty Free Shop launches a physical store, at last!
Oct 03 2012

CFS_Elizabeth_and_JessAs probably all vegans downunder know, the Cruelty Free Shop has been a fabulous local resource for buying 100% vegan and cruelty-free items online for over a decade. It’s a successful, award-winning business, that this year finally took the major step of setting up a physical bricks-and-mortar shop-front in Sydney. And yours truly was lucky enough to go along to the grand opening night!


Karo Tak's Sea Shepherd's Pie
Oct 02 2012

KaroTakCookbookCoverLast month, on 7th September, I was lucky enough to attend the launch of a new vegan cookbook – one that possibly sports the longest title in my collection: “Karo’s nutritious delicious and cruelty-free dishes: a vegan cookbook with recipes, meal plans, nutritional information + more!”  They say not to judge a book by its cover, but I urge you to judge this one by its title – because it encapsulates what the book (and its author!) is about!


Happenings and a hiatus - and VeganMoFo!
Oct 01 2012

VeganMoFo2012SquareLogoAn explanation of my almost-year-long blogging hiatus, and a commitment to getting back into the swing of things via the VeganMoFo.



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