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A Kinder Shade of Green
Oct 03 2019

The Living Green Festival (ACT) Inc. was founded on eco-friendly vegan principles, with the evocative tagline A Kinder Shade of Green. I’ve been lucky enough to perform at several of the Festivals in past years; they have now evolved into a more regular “Living Green Vegan Market” and are still a highlight on the Canberra calendar!


Trayles & I thought that the tagline would make an awesome song title, and we set about to write what we hope becomes the LGF anthem!!

The track went up on Triple J Unearthed only a week ago, and debuted in the top 20 for both hip hop and pop, as well as top 60 for the overall charts! You can play and download it for free by midnight on Sunday to help keep it in the charts for a second week.

And now at last the music video is ready to be released just ahead of the next markets this very weekend!! (See and  Plus, I’ll even be performing there - remember to set the clocks forward an hour due to daylight saving and turn up early to see me at 11am with a special KIDZONE show!


 Don't miss the awesome Living Green Vegan Markets if you're within cooee of the capital!




FULL CREDITS for the song and music video:

A Kinder Shade of Green

Music & Lyrics: Elizabeth Usher and Trayles

Vocals: MC Pony and Trayles

Recorded mixed & mastered: Tim G Carr

Produced: Tim G Carr & Elizabeth Usher

Video Editing: Oliver Martin

Photos courtesy of The Living Green Festival (ACT) Inc., Reeni Martinez, and Veganthused.


DDV music video and credits
Oct 19 2018

This is a very belated blog post. August and September were a bit of a write-off, with me taking some time to heal from whiplash after a car accident. But thanks to the CTP system all my treatment was covered by the other driver's insurance, and I'm very grateful that the injury is not going to affect me forever.  About three weeks ago I did manage to upload the video for Double Decade Vegan to both YouTube and Facebook, and now I’m finally putting up this post with all the credits.


Double Decade Vegan
Jun 30 2018

Double_Decade_Vegan_coverartlowresJune 2018 marks 20 years since I went vegan, and I couldn't let that kind of milestone go by without a song!! “Double Decade Vegan” is a fun celebration, with a distinctive throwback to the sounds of June 1998.

Vegan Festival Season is Here!
Sep 28 2017

Festival_collage_2017Catch MC Pony at four different vegan festivals around the country over the next several weeks as our local "Springtime vegan festival season" kicks off!

  • Alive Festival, Gosford, NSW, Saturday 30th September - on the main stage 11.15am til noon 
  • Living Green Festival, Canberra, ACT, Sunday 1st October - on stage noon til 12.30pm
  • Cruelty Free Festival, Sydney, NSW, Sunday 22nd October - on the main stage 12:20pm til 12:50pm
  • Adelaide Vegan Festival, Adelaide SA, Saturday 28th October AND Sunday 29th October - 5 performances across the two days on both the main stage (4:30pm Sat, 11am Sun) and the kids zone (11:30am & 5pm Sat, noon Sun)
Mother and Child - Dairy's inherent Despair
Apr 13 2017

Mother and Child is the new single for MC Pony.

Born to Die - a brand new single
Mar 10 2017

I am so excited to announce that there is another MC Pony release on the way.

"Born to Die" is an evocative 'first-person' account of a broiler chicken's sad existence. Co-written with fellow Sydney-sider Robert Pearce, and featuring Tayberry as guest vocal artist, we hope this track will help spread a greater awareness to the reality of 'broiler farming'.

The single will be released officially late next week but you can already give it a spin on YouTube or Facebook.


The Icing on my Cake
Feb 14 2017

Icing_on_my_Cake_thumbnailI wrote a love song over half a decade ago called “The Icing on my Cake”. It’s a sweet little ditty (pardon the pun!!) that doesn’t fit for MC Pony and also isn’t ‘commercial’ enough to use for pitching to other artists. But I still wanted to share it somehow, and with today being Valentine’s Day it seemed appropriate timing to release this particular track into the world.

Enormous thanks to Kristin Lajeunesse of Will Travel for Vegan Food for supplying so many shots of various delicious vegan desserts she has encountered in her travels + editing this all together! Thanks also to an anonymous friend for lending me her amazing vocals. :)



Happy Veganniversary - MC Pony's first official single!
Aug 30 2015

Happy_Veganniversary_release_promo_imageAre you vegan? This is a song for you to celebrate the anniversary of the date you went vegan! If you don't know the date, how about picking 1st November, World Vegan Day, and playing it for yourself then? This also gives you another great excuse to eat some vegan cake!

If you're not vegan, you probably still know someone who is, so why not send them the link ( to bring a smile to their face!


2014 dawns with MC Pony in da House!
Jan 01 2014

Happy New Year! Let's start with a little bit of fun... here is the first ever MC Pony music video – the live performance of “Pony in da House” at Sydney's 2013 Cruelty Free Festival. After several years of having to say “sorry, there's nothing up online yet” when people ask about MC Pony's music, I can finally change my reply to “check this out!” :)

Mardi Gras, 'battery hens', and intersections of oppressions
Sep 03 2011

Supporting queer rights and animal rights while dancing in a yellow tutu?  I'm in! 

Also, the chance to hear my song "Paradigm Shift" - just try getting the chorus out of your head afterwards... :)


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