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Born To Die

Here are all the relevant links for MC Pony's single "Born to Die"!

Buy the single on digital music stores:

CD Baby - 

iTunes, GooglePlay, etc - search for MC Pony

It's not on streaming services, but you can watch the official music video ad-free on YouTube

(There is also a Facebook version.)

Content note: the video does include footage from Australian 'broiler sheds'.  Because the song itself is quite sad, to balance that out there are also six new residents at A Poultry Place in Murrmbateman who are now sponsored and named after people connected with the track and video!


Also, there is a lyric video available with no distressing footage, and instead featuring these lucky rescued individuals:

(Again, there is also a Facebook version.)

Finally - this is the original blog post with all the details, including song credits: Born To Die - a brand new single

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