Get Veganthusiastic!

Why would I be creating another vegan blog when there are so many awesome ones already? Because there can never be too many efforts to inspire and encourage others to explore and embrace veganism – ie, to get Veganthusiastic!

Hello world, I’m Elizabeth Usher – aka MC Pony – and I’m Veganthused! 

That’s a portmanteau word I made up that means I’m incredibly enthusiastic about all things vegan.  I love vegan food (which means I eat a plant-based diet, with no animal products or by-products), and vegan ethics (which to me means I try wherever possible to prevent causing harm to others, be they human animals or non-human animals).

I’ve created this blog because I want to inspire and encourage others to explore and embrace veganism.  (In case you hadn’t guessed, that’s my official mission statement as The Veganthusiast!)  So, regardless of whether or not you’re already vegan or vegan-curious, I hope you’ll find something of interest and value.

Of course, there is a huge number of fantastic vegan websites out there already, and I’m not ever going to claim that I will be breaking new ground with every blog post!  In fact, I encourage you to read widely, taking in the different perspectives of vegan and animal rights bloggers and scholars.  What I do hope to achieve here is to have each post be at least one of the following:

  • inspiring
  • thought-provoking
  • entertaining
  • humourous
  • engaging
  • informative
  • amusing
  • helpful

What can you expect?

I’m aiming for this to be a mainly video-based blog, with regular short videos covering a whole range of things, including vegan recipes, interviews with people who get what being veganthused is all about, music clips, comedy and novelty hip hop (as MC Pony, that’s my personal specialty!).

What can you not expect?

This is not a space for arguments about the minutiae of what is and isn’t vegan, to denigrate veganism, or to be provocative, offensive or argumentative.  I won’t tolerate it and I won’t engage in it here.  (In any case, offensive language doesn’t fit with my interpretation of vegan ethics!).  There’s a whole world out there that can be very un-vegan-friendly, and this particular little corner of the internet is intended as a virtual sanctuary for people who are veganthused!

Oh, and you can also not expect me to have ALL the answers... because I don’t!  I struggled for a long time with wanting to have a ready answer for every question that might ever be put to me, and ultimately found that the phrase ‘perfection breeds paralysis’ exists for a reason.  The world isn’t perfect, and I don’t have to be either – but I do feel that veganism is at least a positive step towards living in alignment with my ethics and values.  Naturally, I hope that more and more people will take that step as well.  So if there’s any way I can help support you on a vegan journey, just let me know. 

Because I’d love for you to be Veganthusiastic too!


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