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Mother and Child – MC Pony’s fourth single


"Mother and Child" is the moving story of how milk production separates a mother cow from her newborn calf.  

The debut Sydney performance for this track was held at Giant Dwarf in Redfern on Saturday 22nd April. It was a special fundraiser for Animal Liberation that raised over $1K towards their dairy campaigns!  ( /

The co-writer, James Donnelly, also features in the choruses with his acoustic duo partner Naomi Crain as "James and Naomi".

Artwork in the video and single cover: Adrianna Mammino 

Photographs by Tamara Kenneally 

Footage courtesy of SAFEFarmwatch, and Edgar's Mission 

Cover art design by Naomi Crain 

Further credits are listed in the original blog post: Mother and Child - Dairy's inherent Despair

The track - MC Pony's fourth single - is available now from CD Baby, iTunes, Google Play, and other digital stores!

The music video will be shown (twice! along with Born to Die as well!) at the Footprints Film Festival in Annadale on Saturday 27th August - see the latest blog post for more details




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