MC Pony is The Veganthusiast

Say what?

MC Pony is a character created by me, Elizabeth Usher.  MC Pony is unashamedly vegan, and performs as a platform for spreading the word about issues close to her heart.

Veganthused = Vegan + enthused!

I coined the portmanteau word “Veganthused” to represent an unabashed enthusiasm for all things vegan.

As The Veganthusiast, MC Pony aims to inspire and encourage others to explore and embrace veganism.

Is this blog for YOU?

Regardless of whether or not you’re already vegan or vegan-curious, I hope you’ll find something of interest and value here.  I’d like to make it as easy as possible for you to delve into veganism, and I aim to present inspiring and helpful material within a non-judgemental platform.

For more details about what this blog is and isn’t about, check out the first blog post – it gives a pretty good run down!  And remember, if there’s any way I can help support you on a vegan journey, just let me know, either via the Contact Us page or in a blog comment.

Because I’d love for you to be Veganthusiastic too!

About TGO

My partner, while very supportive, avoids pretty much all social media/blogging/sharing-type-internet-platforms.  Therefore, here and elsewhere, I refer to him only as TGO, which stands for The Gorgeous One.