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June 2018 marked 20 years since she went vegan. To celebrate, she released her fifth single “Double Decade Vegan” – a throwback to the sounds of June 1998. It debuted at #2 in the Triple J Unearthed Hip Hop charts, and the music video is now also available:

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A Kinder Shade of Green

The Living Green Festival (ACT) Inc. was founded on eco-friendly vegan principles, with the evocative tagline A Kinder Shade of Green.  Trayles & I thought that the tagline would make an awesome song title, and we set about to write…

DDV music video and credits

This is a very belated blog post. August and September were a bit of a write-off, with me taking some time to heal from whiplash after a car accident. But thanks to the CTP system all my treatment was covered…

Double Decade Vegan

June 2018 marks 20 years since I went vegan, and I couldn’t let that kind of milestone go by without a song!! “Double Decade Vegan” is a fun celebration, with a distinctive throwback to the sounds of June 1998.

Flicks4Change Film Festival

MC Pony’s music video “Mother and Child” has been selected to screen at “Flicks4Change”, a film festival with a social conscience to be held on Saturday 17th March as part of the prestigious Short+Sweet series. 

Vegan Festival Season is Here!

Catch MC Pony at four different vegan festivals around the country over the next several weeks as our local “Springtime vegan festival season” kicks off! Alive Festival, Gosford, NSW, Saturday 30th September – on the main stage 11.15am til noon …

Born to Die – a brand new single

I am so excited to announce that there is another MC Pony release on the way. “Born to Die” is an evocative ‘first-person’ account of a broiler chicken’s sad existence. Co-written with fellow Sydney-sider Robert Pearce, and featuring Tayberry as…

The Icing on my Cake

I wrote a love song over half a decade ago called “The Icing on my Cake”. It’s a sweet little ditty (pardon the pun!!) that doesn’t fit for MC Pony and also isn’t ‘commercial’ enough to use for pitching to…

I Am Someone exhibition opening night

Congratulations to Gary Sheppard, whose stunning photographic exhibition of residents from the Where Pigs Fly sanctuary aims “to challenge and reconstruct society’s perception of farm animals as sentient and emotional beings inspiring greater respect and compassion towards them.”