Footprints Film Festival to show two Veganthused videos


I have several *magnificent* announcements to unveil over coming weeks about upcoming gigs and other events, and this first one is so exciting it made it very difficult for me to get to sleep last night… I found out just before bedtime that my two music videos “Born to Die” and “Mother and Child” will both be screened twice at the Footprints Film Festival this coming Sunday!

Be at Whites Creek Valley Park, Annandale (in Sydney’s inner west) at either midday or 1.50pm to see these two pieces in the footprints ecofestival‘s bicycle-powered cinema! How awesome does that sound?!

Oh – and the festival is a free event too!

Thank you to everyone involved in these projects:

Editing by Kristin Lajeunesse, and James Lepre of Mane Collective
Co-writers James Donnelly, and Robert Pearce
Featured artists James and Naomi, and Tayberry
Co-producers James Donnelly, and Sven Tydeman
Artist Adrianna Mammino
Photographers Jo-Anne McArthur, and Tamara Kenneally Photography
Footage courtesy of Edgar’s Mission, SAFE, Farmwatch, and Animal Liberation
Mastering by Kathy Naunton

And a second thank you to Kristin Lajeunesse for pulling the graphic above together with zero notice!!

The pages with further information about each music video are here:






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