Mother and Child – Dairy’s inherent Despair

Mother_and_Child_CoverDairy products made from cow’s milk are often left until very last in the progression from ‘omnivore’/carnist to vegan.

It’s often thought that these pose no reason for concern as they are obtained ‘naturally’ and ‘without harm’, that a cow ‘gives her milk’ easily and willingly, and that the horrors of other farming and slaughter methods don’t apply.

However, cows are mammals, and basic biology of course requires a cow to be impregnated and give birth to a calf for her milk production to kick in.

The calves are usually removed within mere hours of birth, causing trauma to both the mothers and the calves, which is why I have called this post “dairy’s inherent despair”.

MC Pony’s new single “Mother and Child” depicts this moving story of a mother cow giving birth to – and then being separated from – her newborn calf.

The co-writer, James Donnelly, also features in the choruses with his acoustic duo partner Naomi Crain, as “James and Naomi“.


Tamara_Kenneally_photoCredits for the official music video:

And for the single itself:

  • Mother and Child – MC Pony featuring James and Naomi
  • Written by James Donnelly and Elizabeth Usher
  • Programming, bass and guitar – James Donnelly
  • Produced by James Donnelly and Elizabeth Usher
  • Mastering by Kathy Naunton, dB Mastering

The first chance to hear this song live in Sydney is coming up on Saturday 22nd April at a special fundraiser for Animal Liberation NSW. See for more details and tickets to this one night festival event – including vegan dairy options such as cheeses and chocolates to sample and buy!

There is also the Facebook event page – please spread the word! 

Date: Saturday 22nd April 2017 (three weeks before Mother’s Day!)
Time: 6pm – 10.30pm, show runs 7pm – 10pm with an intermission
Event name: Dairy Truths & Music for the Animal Liberation movement
Venue: Giant Dwarf, 199 Cleveland St, Redfern
Tickets: Advance purchase: $10 concession, $20 full price (on the night: $15/$25)

The “Mother and Child” single will be available to purchase after the launch event, through digital music stores including CD Baby, iTunes, and Google Play – see for all the details!

And above all remember: with oh so many vegan dairy options to choose from and delight in, there is no need to partake of the products of despair! 





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