And so it is February…

I can’t possibly be the only one who’s astounded that it’s February already. This makes it three months since my last post, which featured Leigh Drew’s amazing Chocolate Melting Moments. If you haven’t seen that one yet, go check it out now – especially the video! I guarantee you it’s a better post than today’s is.

In_HospitalAnd that’s because today’s is really just an explanation of why, yet again, my posting schedule went seriously awry. I’d been planning on sharing the next two recipe videos that also feature Leigh and her wondrous vegan cooking skills (as well as her quirky humour) month by month, meaning that by now you would already be able to watch all three. However, my plans did not include landing in hospital with a broken ankle, which is what happened at the end of November. This curve ball, while not disastrous, did mean my website took the back seat for all summer so far. Heck, not just the back seat… It was swinging on the hammock twiddling its thumbs for weeks, while I gradually went from no weight-bearing, to hopping on crutches, to a single crutch, to hobbling solo, to where I am now, almost better, just a little unsteady still, but at least able to drive again and, more importantly, go on a train trip without struggling. And now that my recuperation has progressed to this level, at last I’m turning once again to my poor neglected website.

The exciting news is that the second Veganthused episode starring Leigh is 100% definitely going up this month, or your money back. (Ok so you’ve got no actual money on the line and anyway you should also know that I reserve the slight caveat that if another broken bone or similar level injury eventuates this may indeed not happen but hey at least you know the current intention!)

If you can stomach injury photos… here is a pic from the day the stitches came out – with swelling and brusing surely visible enough for a sympathy call!  Plus, as compensation for anyone with a squeamy nature, a photo of Jackpot the day I returned home from my three-night stint in hospital.  Awwww, nothing quite like a ‘welcome home mum!’ from a furkid…












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