Help “The ARID Zone” win a $15,000 grant!

Your support could help my Animal Liberation project win a $15,000 grant!

Voting is now open in the “Voiceless People’s Choice! Award 2011”, and my project “The ARID Zone” (Animal Rights Issues Discussion Zone) is in the running to win a $15,000 grant!

Can you spare 30 seconds to help me win? Cast your vote for The ARID Zone now at:

Only one vote per person is allowed (each vote must be validated by clicking on an emailed link, and only one vote – the most recent – per email address counts) and voting closes at 12noon (AEST) on Friday 16th September.

The ARID Zone will be an online platform that allows people to explore various issues concerning animal protection through a combination of virtual Q&A programs and webinars, supplemented with quarterly ‘in person’ sessions for animal advocates to gain hands-on experience and communications training & development. Whether participants just recently developed an interest in the issues or have been long-term campaigners, the ARID Zone will give them the tools, skills, networking opportunities, confidence and knowledge they need to be effective animal advocates.

Animal Liberation has been working for 35 years to end the suffering of exploited and confined animals through legislation, consumer advocacy, action and humane education.  Winning this grant would mean the chance to develop an exciting project that would provide a valuable resource with specific long-term future benefits to the Australian animal movement.

Of course, if you like the sound of The ARID Zone project, I would personally really appreciate your support for this!  Plus, if you can, please spread the word to friends, family, colleagues, and even mere acquaintances… the outcome really is based solely on votes so I’m obviously hoping to drum up as many as possible!



A huge round of thanks to everyone who voted for The ARID Zone! In the end we weren’t successful but the good news is that another worthy project will be supported through the People’s Choice! award, to benefit Aussie animals.
(NB I don’t know which project won… We’ll have to wait until the end of November to find that out!  Keep an eye on for news about the 2011 Voiceless grants winners.)




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