Launching the Cheesy Moves video series



Late last year I was getting somewhat bombarded with Devondale Dairy ads in my Facebook feed.

Now, I realise that ads pay for keeping Facebook as a ‘free’ platform, but aren’t these ads meant to be targeted?? Some algorithm is getting things very wrong in my case… So after a while I decided that since Devondale Dairy was insisting on alerting me to their ‘Cheesy Mover’ competition, I’d take up the challenge and produce some ‘Cheesy Moves’ videos of my own. Somehow I don’t think they would have been accepted into the competition itself, which doesn’t really matter anyway since the closing date was last month, but I figured they might still be worth sharing…

Firstly, in case you want more scene setting, here is the Cheesy Movers video from Devondale Dairy’s youtube account:




  And… here is my first ‘Cheesy Moves’ response video

This is the first in a series of five short videos, and I’m planning to put up one each day Monday – Friday this week (Australian time zones).

Massive thanks to Carolyn for her enthusiastic response when I suggested this idea; without her help, encouragement and participation I most probably wouldn’t have gone ahead. Thanks also to my brother for filming our high jinks. (In case you missed it, he also helped with filming the first ever MC Pony music video that went live last month!).

Carolyn appears doing the Robot dance as her performance character “Rap Attack”. She also did the editing for all five videos, for which I am very grateful!

The music used is a snippet of the pre chorus and chorus from my song “Paradigm Shift”, performed by Andrew Covell. You can hear the whole track on the video of Queer Animal Liberation NSW’s float in the 2011 Sydney Mardi Gras: (the music kicks in at around the 40 second mark).

So, over the next four days, keep an eye out for the rest of our ‘cheesy movers’ series. I’ll also be posting each day with links about the issues surrounding the dairy industry, especially with regards to bobby calves, as well as plant-based options for milks and cheeses.  But even though this series will be dealing with a serious issue, the videos themselves are still meant to provoke a smile!  We are definitely not taking ourselves that seriously in them…

When I went vegan in the late 90s, there weren’t that many vegan ‘dairy’ options commercially available. Now, there’s loads on offer here in Australia – and even more in North America or the UK/Europe. (I imagine that most people reading this would be from these locations?? Let me know if you’re not, it would be very exciting to hear from you!)

Of course, you can also just make your own from scratch at home. It’s so easy to be Veganthused!! 😉



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