MC Pony’s 18th Veganniversary celebration!


Happy_Veganniversary_cartoon_animals_with_logoWell, I will warn you right from the outset that this is going to be a super-long blog post, so apologies in advance for that – for what it’s worth, there’s a cute pic of dear Jackpot at the bottom as your reward for getting all the way down there! But I’m just so excited and the reason is: as of next month, June 2016, I will officially be an ‘adult vegan’, so I’m throwing a special party & track release combo event and I’d love for you to come celebrate with me!

I think I’ve pretty much covered everything with all the details below, but let me know if you have any questions! Here is the link for buying tickets:

They are $15 plus the sticky tickets booking fee – this is the platform The Newsagency uses for their gig nights. FYI there will only be 40 tickets available due to the venue’s size limitations.

The main focus of the night will be just eating some delicious vegan noms while catching up with all of you awesome folk, but the party will also feature short musical sets including:

* MC Pony – I will be showcasing my new track “Vegan for Life” (as well as – guess what – performing my original single Happy Veganniversary!! – with the co-writer Ralph Graham!)

(nb if you want to see the world premiere performance of “Vegan for Life” then come to the Sydney Vegan Expo on Sunday 22nd May at Petersham Town Hall, yay!)

* Rap Attack – unfortunately our ‘dairy’ co-write won’t be ready in time for this night, but watch out for news of it in future!

* Renée Jonas – who is excited to be launching her debut EP a week beforehand, on Thursday 26th May at the Django Bar! 


7pm – 10pm Wednesday 1st June 2016


The venue is “BYO food and drink” – I will be providing quite a few options for both savoury and sweet finger food, including some gluten free dishes, and also some soft drinks.

Please BYO booze if you want it. You may also BYO food, especially if you have specific allergies other than gluten-free.

Of course, when considering what consumables to bring, please respect this as being a wholly vegan event! 🙂


Here is a teaser of just some of what will be on offer:

  • “Watermelon sashimi” – my absolute favourite dish on the menu at Superfood Sushi (gluten free)
  • Blueberry cream filled dark chocolates from Treat Dreams (gluten-free and made with fair trade chocolate!)
  • Gluten-free cupcakes from Bunny Cups (who you’ll probably remember did the delicious and impressive cake for the Happy Veganniversary video)
  • Gluten-filled cupcakes made by yours truly.

I know I am very overdue in posting (I have been studying for a while now and am very nearly at the end of my diploma, after that is through I have several posts that I need to finalise and publish!) so this site is still missing a run-down of how much fun the Happy Veganniversary launch was in August last year (oops that’s a while ago now isn’t it!!) but below is a wee collage to give you a taste of what went down and what you can expect at this shindig too – credit and thanks to my brother Andrew for taking these photos!  



The venue is The Newsagency, conveniently located at 375 Enmore Road, Marrickville NSW 2204 (cnr of Enmore & Addison Road – across from Vic on the Park & Enmore Park)

The buses 426, 428, 423 M30 stop right outside The Newsagency
Closest train station is Newtown – a 20 minute walk down Enmore Road


It has one small step at the doorway but I am told that people in wheelchairs have always been able to negotiate it without a problem. They do suggest that using the facilities at the pub across the road is easier when using larger wheelchairs.

If the ticket price is an issue for you then please message me and I will have cash ready on the night to refund you in person. (It’s unfortunately got to be this way around because of managing the extremely limited space at the venue.)


The Newsagency’s rules are: “The space is all ages – kids definitely welcome (just not prams please!)”


As many of you know already, I have been working on launching a new tagline for MC Pony’s work – here’s where my ‘promo blurb’ is at right now, to be confirmed 100% (and my website references updated) later this month: 

MC Pony writes and performs hip hop in a distinctive and heartfelt style, both delighting and educating audiences with her trademark “mindful rhymes for kinder times”. Her Veganthused! project is all about “inspiring and encouraging people to explore and embrace veganism”. Despite performing material that raises awareness about animal rights, environmental and social justice issues, an MC Pony show is fun, upbeat, and entertaining – it’s activism with a smile!



As promised at the top of this massive wall of text, here’s a pic of Jackpot posing with my old ‘Vegan for Life’ t-shirt to get you excited about the party! (and that link for tickets again:


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