Mourning Cow Soundtrack gets me dancing every time!

Today I unveil my ridiculously embarrassing dance ‘skills’ to the world.  As well as some super-cheesy over-acting!

All in the name of drawing attention to the plight of dairy cows and bobby calves.

Because, in my eyes, a little humiliation is nothing compared to losing your newborn child or being taken from your mother.

Here’s hoping it at least brings a smile to your dial – or should that be a grimace to your visage?


Then, for evidence about the effect of breaking the mother-calf bond, check out this post that includes a video showing a mother cow chasing after a van that is taking her new born calf away (this specific scene starts at roughly the 50 second mark and goes for around 40 seconds). Because it was filmed overseas, it does go on to show veal crates, which aren’t an issue in Australia (except for consideration of imported veal products!). But the main point for this post is that I still can’t get the images out of my head of the mother cow desperately following her calf in the van… all in vain.

And as for the ‘mourning cow soundtrack’… well, for example, there was this situation in the US in October last year when the noise from female dairy cows, upset by being separated from their calves, was so loud and wrenching that nearby residents rang the local police to report the situation.


So, we’re now three videos in and have talked a little about the issues behind a glass of cow secretions – are you catching the Veganthused bug and getting interested in exploring plant-based milks, cheeses and yogurts, but don’t know where to start? Come back tomorrow for the fourth instalment in this ‘Cheesy Moves’ series!


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