Paws Down to Puppy Farms!

The glorious Spring sunshine that blessed Sydney last Sunday was the perfect backdrop for a rally against puppy farms. Both humans and canines in their hundreds converged on Belmore Park near Central Station to support a better deal for Australia’s dogs. Currently, on average, over 150 dogs and cats are killed every single day in NSW alone and Australia-wide a dog is killed every four minutes.  Puppy farms contribute significantly to this pet overpopulation issue, and can also present serious welfare concerns for both the breeding stock and the resulting puppies – for example, the RSPCA has a dedicated website Help Us Close Puppy Factories that provides details of animals being forced to breed in “appalling facilities”.

Puppy_Farm_Rally_Clover_Moore_speaking_to_crowd_18Sep11Clover Moore MP speaking to the large crowd

Animal Liberation NSW has been investigating and campaigning on this issue for years and organised Sunday’s rally as part of the International Puppy Farm Awareness Day, which also saw an even larger rally in Melbourne organised by Oscar’s Law.

Puppy_Farm_Rally_Anne_Greenaway_18Sep11Anne Greenaway with Clover Moore MP and Monika Biernacki in the background

Sydney attendees were inspired by several speakers – Clover Moore MP, Lord Mayor; Tim Vasudeva, Animal Welfare League/Sydney Dogs and Cats Home; Monika Biernacki, Monika’s Doggie Rescue; and Anne Greenaway, Lawyers for Companion Animals – who passionately shared information about the realities of puppy farms and also the important steps of how to help improve the current situation. The hosts, Lindsay McDougall and Marieke Hardy, were, as always, enthusiastic and entertaining, and particularly encouraged everyone to indulge in the vegan food provided by Funky Pies and Rubyfruit… not only was the food on offer all cruelty-free and delicious, but both companies were generously supporting Animal Liberation NSW’s campaign against puppy farms through sales on the day.

Puppy_Farm_Rally_Queues_for_Rubyfruit_and_Funky_Pies_stalls_18Sep11Long queues for vegan deliciousness from the popular Rubyfruit and Funky Pies stalls!

The rally wrapped up with a performance by Blackie from the Hard-ons, and the chance for people to fill up on pies and cupcakes, stock up on t-shirts, bandanas, stickers and the like from the Animal Liberation and Oscar’s Law stalls, and speak up by signing petitions.

Puppy_Farm_Rally_Jac_Marieke_and_Lindsay_18Sep11The event organiser, Jacqueline Dalziell from Animal Liberation, with fabulous co-hosts Marieke Hardy and Lindsay McDougall

Sunday’s rally may be over, but you can still add your voice to the campaign by contacting your local MP – for those in NSW, ask your local MP to support Clover Moore’s bill on this issue:

Also, check out the Oscar’s Law “Act Now” page for more ways to help protect Australia’s dogs – it’s a sure way to get two paws up from our own adoptee, Jackpot.  Woof!

 Jackpot_image_with_Puppy_Farm_messageWise words from an adopted pup!


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