Penultimate Cheesy Moves video – vegan cheeses!

Are you convinced it’s worth giving plant-based cheese a go, but wondering where to start? In the fourth instalment of this Cheesy Moves series, the cow rouses the robot in order to show her a great source of some of the commercially available vegan cheeses… the Cruelty Free Shop!


Just as with all these Cheesy Moves videos, my sincere thanks to Carolyn for both editing the video and appearing in it as Rap Attack, as well as my brother Andrew for filming.

And, as always, I’ll announce my connection to the Cruelty Free Shop in that I’ve been a casual employee there for almost 18 months. Of course, there are obviously a heap of other stores that offer vegan cheeses – for example, in Inner West Sydney alone we’ve also got Vegan’s Choice in Newtown and Revolution Foods Café in Enmore; nationwide there are plenty of local supermarkets and health food stores that stock vegan options, plus other online stores that deliver across Australia.

That’s before even mentioning all the vegan cheese recipes you can find online or in cookbooks. My personal favourite is Leigh Drew’s mozzarella from her latest book, Veganissimo! (And yes, you guessed it, the Cruelty Free Shop stocks that one too!! Go straight to page 111! I’m not just saying that because Leigh has appeared here on Veganthused I promise you the recipe is sure to produce wonderfully gooey melty mozzarella-y goodness!) 

As per the video ending:


Could your best cheesy move

be to choose

vegan cheese?


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