This Muddy Swine

Just in time for Valentine’s Day – meet the pig who captured my heart!  <3  HenryHenry Pig, image courtesy of Edgar’s Mission

Short link for the one-minute video:


OK, OK, so it’s true that I fall in love with pretty much every pig I am lucky enough to meet… but this piece was specifically inspired by meeting Henry Pig at Edgar’s Mission.

Henry Pig lives at Edgar’s Mission:
(Donations are tax deductible in Australia)

Flyer courtesy of Animal Liberation (NSW)

Three images in video credited to Aussie Pigs

The vegan products featured are all ones I enjoy eating:

  • Suzy Spoon Vegetarian Butcher Smokey Rashers
  • Tofurky Smoked Ham Style
  • Redwood VBites Cheatin’ Ham Style, Rashers, & Mini Sausages
  • Kinda Bacon (actually I have to admit that this product is a little too spicy for me but I haven’t found ANYONE else who agrees, everyone else I’ve spoken with just LOVES it!)

In the interests of full disclosure, I was behind the camera filming Henry, so the ‘grubby hand’ in shot belongs to the talented Leigh Drew, author of several amazing vegan cookbooks.

Thank you to Gaspar for editing assistance

This Muddy Swine, spoken word by MC Pony of

A video with subtitles is also being created and will be up within a week, but until then here is the text, copyright Elizabeth Usher:

My hand’s getting grubby, rubbing this tubby pig’s muddy tummy. He’s grunting in the sun and I’m the opposite of glum. Then all of a sudden, my heart’s overcome. I hate to be blunt but at the front of my mind are all the times as a child I’d ingest pig flesh without a thought for the slaughter it required. As it transpired, all it took to wake me up was a flyer of a pig, confined in a stall so small she could barely move at all. This should make the headlines, remind us to be kind. Leave death behind when you dine, draw the line. Meanwhile, I’ll be here in the sunshine. You’ll find me getting grubby with my new best buddy, this muddy swine.


A huge thank you to everyone at Edgar’s Mission.  You can even find your own Best Buddy here:

Tell them MC Pony sends whinnies! 🙂

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